Everyday Fashion Series with Keema

Everyday Fashion Series with Keema

Let’s talk everyday fashion – practically and with some good fun!

Fashion is dynamic, and the possibilities are endless. It is also a very broad sphere that no single person can claim dominance of knowledge on. It also comes with information explosion – we are constantly faced with tons and tons of fashion information, while we struggle to find the one that is right for us. And you will agree that this can be tiring!

But who says fashion should get us all worked up? Personally, I feel we could get exactly what we need from this tons of information. And that is why I have created this platform – to help us streamline things! Together, we will keep ourselves informed about the part of fashion that relates to us – outfits!

Oh! Forgive my manners; I haven’t even welcomed you yet. Hello, dear reader, and thank you for dropping by. You are welcome to Styled by Keema – a hotspot for good fashion gists. Let me cut to the chase and tell you how it is ‘gonna’ be.

Since we will be discussing outfits and designs, there will be four categories of contents or discussions here
(iii) OWAMBE! (My jollof centre) and

For each of these categories, we will focus our discussions on suitable outfits for the roles, with focus on the influencing factors of the design, color, and styling.

This is no calculated attempt to exaggerate, but I can assure you that each episode is compiled meticulously to inspire your style and keep you on track of modesty and all occasions.

So, fasten your seatbelts and ride with Keema on this adventurous journey of fashion!

I am your anchor, pilot, captain, curator (or whatever name you deem befitting), K. And I thank you again for dropping by.

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  1. Gracias ma’am

    1. 💝💝 Get ready for a ride, baby!

  2. Seat belt fastened. 😀😀

    1. Yeah baby. Be prepared for a ride of life by Styled by Keema!

  3. This post is helpful, Hikma

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