Chic print sensation – Ankara!

Chic print sensation – Ankara!

I find it hard to categorise this look into casual as it is an outfit I would recommend and would wear to work on a Thursday or Friday. Many companies and offices are quite more flexible with dress codes on such days and why not take advantage of it and pull our heists.

African prints legit give me joy and I look forward to that period of liberation and confidence, when private companies and government parastatals will completely allow the infusion of African prints in office professional wears without raising an eyebrow.

Not to digress, I served this look to a discourse-over-lunch with my girlfriend’s for a vlog – Chika’s corner. While recording, I had a great time lifting my hands to my face to fix my silk scarf which wouldn’t allow me shine in peace. By the way, I found a life-hack for silk scarves afterwards though! I’m definitely sharing that on the “Beauty” category soon!

I’m so in love with this jacket, the sleeve statement, I mean, this look entirely! Stylish, modest and chic. The knee length jacket is paired with a pair of skinny jean trousers. Animal print shoes for the win anydaayy, and here again my magic nude scarf. Lol. Please don’t get tired of me, I promise to change and do more and more colours. Cross my heart!

My jacket and scarf is from Keemakuts, you want it too? You just send a dm to @keemakuts on IG

Catch y’all on the next episode. Lots of love!

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