Surviving the Hot Weather as a Hijabi

Hey guys! How are you doing? How did last week go and how are you holding up with the really hot climate? It’s intense here.

Ma sha Allah, sisters. The Hijab is indeed a commandment from Allah (SWT), the All-knowing and the Ultimate master-mind of the climate and for every Ibaadah we perform, no matter how challenging, we shall be rewarded.

The equinox is real. It cannot be ignored or over emphasized. Sometimes, I even feel the heat escaping through my skin, it’s that deep o

So quickly, I’d go over 7 ways to survive the heat rave as a hijabi, while staying modest and STYLISH.

Rule number one and the most important
● Zero Black and Dark Colours!
Maybe like me, your favorite colour is black. (I laugh in 38°C). It is time to smile at your love from afar and befriend the bright ones that emit rather than trap and absorb the heat.
No black colour for now, please or at least the barest minimum.
Take off Black, Navy blue, Chocolate or any other dark colour off the list and let’s pop in style.

@__fateemah ❤❤

●Airy fabric for the Hijab
Nylon and polyester scarves could actually be lush and cool, but hey, they know nothing about this sunlight intensity. Allow them enjoy the coolness of your scarves hanger!
Go for breathable non-transparent scarves such as cotton, jersey, premium chiffon, and in light colours too.

These are breathable stylish scarves from Lola Signatures and you can get a few beight coloured ones for yourself from there.

●Wudoo More Often
“Al wudoo ala’l wudoo, A’noor ala’noor” says Rasool (Salallah alayhi wasallam). Turns out consistent wudo in this weather will do a tad extra, COOLNESS.
If you used make one wudoo for two solah, say Zuhr and Asr, it is a perfect time to develop the habit of more.

● Loose Over Form-fitting
While you may like to wear a bodycon and an Abaya or jacket over it, it is advisable to wear a loose dress or blouse straight up without having to wear anything clingy beneath.
Clingy outfits trap the heat and will make you even more uncomfortable when you begin to sweat, while breezy ones at least allow the 5% wind possible and allows the movement of air.
Flared skirts in place of your fav pencil , shift dress in place of body-con, wide-leg pants in place of skinny pants. Style nicely and step out!

● Honie, are you comfortable?
You know, sometimes you manage that skirt that is an inch or two tight at the waistline, ‘cos the design is one in town, or the blouse whose sleeves are so tight that it’s a struggle to pull up. However, in this weather, slight discomfort even way worse one chance. You should stay away from it competely.

● Hijab Styling
There are ways you can style your hijabs to make it more breathable and covering still. First, you may have stay away from pinning so tight at the neck and just wrap conveniently. This will be effective with cotton, jersey or other breathable fabric scarves that will sit quite well without blowing over the place.

Here is a cool style you should imbibe.


● Sunnies and Hats
Fashion? Why not! Sunnies and hats are beautiful accessorizing items and this is a season to go all the way. If you will be out for extended periods, then you should totally try hats.

So peng inspiration from

You see that exaggerated hat, I personally will slay the heat out of it on my csuals and I want us to do that as a clique! Sunnies are just excellent to not only for fashion but also to protect your eyes from the harsh sun rays. Do ensure to get UV rays protective sunnies

These are photochromic lenses from shades factory. They are major cool and affordable too!

Don’t they say we should consider every scenario as a blessing from Alah (SWT). May He reward us immensely and save us from the fire of Jahannam.
Remember to always stay hydrated aaannnnd stylish!

Till the next time guys, do have a splendid week.

Lots of love.

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