Taking the bold step to dressing better

Taking the bold step to dressing better

Hey lovlies, welcome! I hope the last week was great? Ma sha Allah! Today, I’d be discussing a major aspect of our day-to-day life.

Sequel to my previous posts, you may have along the line made the decision to always look your best, however, that may have been a tad task, I totally understand. That’s why I’m here with the grease of life. Grab a pack (or two) of So-Yummy pop corn and enjoy!

A little background story

On my 15th birthday, My sister got me my first journal. It was a huge ass book, and she wrote in the first page about how she wanted me to be self aware and how she thinks I could build myself in many ways by penning down the beautiful things in my life, the ones I aspired for, and shedding weight on it before facing the rest of the world.

At that time, I was a public speaker and quiz champion with no boy problems (innocent at heart), so it seemed like I was on the high side and didn’t have much to fix. It had such a funny notion about journals.

However, when I became 19, I had exhausted the pages of my lovely journal, surprisingly. It was mostly filled with two things, 1. Newbies- people I just met, or new places or new activities and 2. Bants about the people I got mad at. Petty much, huh?

The influence of my teenage journal

It did make a difference for me, however. Whenever I got mad at someone, I became so aware of myself and try to tone it down so my journal will not be filled with my own wrongs. Same with when I try a new place or meet a new person, the consciousness and attitude of absorbing the moment and was always inherent.

These habits stuck with me even long after I stopped using that journal. I became self aware, and most importantly with just the right amount of personal obsession.

Now to why we are here. A while after I decided to start blogging about fashion, I got quite bothered about consistency, which is such a vice. I don’t want to look good only when I try, or get stuck on only making appearances, then an idea struck. The journal method! 

How to create a personal fashion journal?

It is simply documentation, and this is how it works. I write about my day. But, rather than write majorly about what I did in the day and who I met or so, I write about what I wore, what I like about the look and my overall review.

Keema’s Slay Diary ☺️

If my journal heading says ”I met Abdullah for the first time in 13 years today”, best believe it has very little to do with Abdullah, the childhood bully, or the restaurant we hung at, it is about the silk maxi dress I wore that slied me and clung to my tiny frame when the wind blew  (we agreed I was going to look like a huge madam).

I could write about the silk hijab that almost flew off my head on bike, when I was getting too late to work (You’d bet I’m generally mad at silk, presently 🙄) and how I had to spend the entire day restyling my scarf, despite how chic my organza blouse and jean skirt was.

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When to write?

A few minutes before bed, lunch break at work, on the way home in a traffic (personal favorite time) (please don’t mention Keema when you pass your bus-stop o) or a compiled note in any free time, weekend probably!

My review about the use of a fashion journal

Barely a page of dress review has made dressing up so much fun for me, I usually refer to my journal when I want to repeat an outfit and I always look forward to reviewing my own look! My best friends will tell you my idea of fun always involve dressing up – I don’t argue!

Paying attention to my outfit became a reflex, no matter how trivial my outing is. It has helped me become consistent at what is really important and I think it can help you grow a sense of awareness of what you are wearing, and make dressing up more fun for you as well.

What material to use for your journal

It could be a note pad, a virtual notebook , sticky notes, anything! Just enough to contain sentences and a picture. I use a virtual note because it’s easier to paste in a picture from my gallery without going through the stress of hard copy. You could try that too.

I’m challenging everyone to a two-week trial of journaling our day-to-day look. Could also be four days out of a week. We will all be back to share the general reviews. Who is with me?

Another sample of a personal fashion journal

You should remember we dress to look who we aspire to be, to ooze confidence and to embrace our modesty. 

Thank you for reading Styled by Keema today, I hope you find this helpful and are willing to implement. Kindly subscribe to this page, like this post, please drop a comment and share with those you care about 🥰

Cheers to a splendid week!


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  1. Hi Keema
    I love your blog. Its really interesting in here.
    I’m a size 6 and never seem to find what looks good and flattering for my body. Picked some inspo from u already 💕

    1. Hii Dami, Im glad you could pick a thing or two, I’m a size 6 as well and I go for what suits my style. Whatever you feel confident in, trust the world to adjust.
      You can drop a whatsapp link so I can send you more personalized ideas, or click to message me here https://wa.me/2348107527300

  2. Thanks for sharing this keema💕 its really helpful… Yayyy! Im up for the challenge

  3. Just maybe this would push me to get myself a fashion journal.


    1. You totally should, yunno

  4. This reminds me of a saying “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”. Well written

    1. Thank you, Shola. Keep your fingers crossed for more amazing hacks!

  5. Awesome Article dear,I’m your number one fan

    1. I love you, babe

  6. Keema, you constantly beat your record for capitvating reads every time you post. Very great start to my day. Super proud of you

  7. Let’s do this!

    1. Let’s!

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