Stepping up the mom jeans game

Stepping up the mom jeans game

Recently, someone asked me for my style recommendation for a dinner whose theme was “Ghetto/street”. All I could instantly think of was the mom Jeans. You don’t have to try hard. I pretty much said that from observation. Taking a closer look at this trend, it is important to note where the piece generally falls in a fashion category. Grand? Ghetto?

Guys, welcome to Styledbykeema! How are you doing today? This episode is one you’d totally love. It’s also about one of those trends from the 90s that have resurfaced to steal the show in recent days. Grab your fans and cold water (*I feel the heat too) and enjoy.

Let’s quickly go over what the mom jeans is.
I’d say it’s the pair of jeans directly between the straight and the baggy as seen here, most often ankle or cropped length, and happen to be one of the most versatile pieces belonging to any wardrobe.

I decided to get the opinions of a few of your favourite modest style bloggers so you get the range. You’re welcome 🤗

“Mum jeans work with body types. It’s overall very flattering when you know which one works for you”

– Balqis Duad.
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“Oh it’s definitely grand when mixed with blazers. It all depends on how you style it, but in general it can take the elegance and stylish form.”

Idayat Sanni
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“Mom jeans are a staple fashion item every fashionista should own. It’s easily also one of the most comfortable piece of clothing in my wardrobe. I love that it can be paired with any sort of tops from fitted blouses, to oversized blazers, jackets and even dresses. A mom jean can surely take the heat.”

“No matter the season, mom jeans can be worn on repeat and because they’re known to accentuate one’s figure (particularly the waist), it’s always a good idea to layer or level up your fit. From simple sweatshirts, to power accessories, heels, a good kicks or a brightly coloured bag. All of these are the recipe to freshen up your denim style.”

Recommended style options

Image from pinterest
Ideas from pinterest

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Importantly, there’s a thin line between Mom jeans being Grand or ghetto, and that’s where we often get it wrong. Here’s a few tips on keeping it grand.

1. Get a perfect fit
The beautiful piece can easily come off as ill fitting when the wrong size is worn. Find a piece the essentially grips perfectly at the waist and upper hip. You can freestyle with the rest of the thigh and bottom size.

2. The length matters
It’s important to note that the width of your jeans limits its glory to the ankle length. The pair has no place below your ankle. You can easily fold the bottom upwards to maintain a great length.

3. Blazers or a jacket is a classy escape
If you’re unsure about what to style your Mom jeans with, throw on a blazer.

4. Style with elegant pieces.
A great way to keep your mom jeans style classic is to style along with other classic pieces. A silk blouse, a cute sweater, a leather jacket, all will make a chic look.

5. Choose the right shoes
The length of your mom jeans leave a room to flaunt your really cool pair of footwear. Kitten heels, mules and stilettos are generally game changers if you want the classic look. Sneakers, ankle boots and trainers do great as well.

Show off your bold shoes

Shortcuts to the ghetto
1. Ill fit. Consider waist and upper hip region.
2. Excess length

Do not recommend

3. Extra wide bottom
4. Boyfriend jackets. You should avoid pairing mom jeans with another chunky piece.

On a final note, guys. It’s not too late to hop on or redefine your mom jeans game. It’s still very much around, and it will be refreshing to see more of it styled appropriately.

I hope you had a great read, guys. Let me know which to you found most helpful and how you’d rock your mom jeans henceforth. I look forward to catching up with you in the comment section. If you haven’t, do subscribe to my newsletter, and spread the word.

Yours fashionably.

Images are from pinterest unless stated otherwise.

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    1. Yeah, Tawa. Mom jeans can be perfectly rocked modestly too. Thank you for reading.

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  8. This post is such an eye-opener. I currently don’t know anyone that doesn’t have own a mom jean but the ‘shortcuts to ghetto’ tips are one to always take note of.

    1. Thank you Reeds, you dropped some totally cool tips right there too.

  9. Keema, I celebrate your consistency 👏🏾

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