Better ways to style your Black Abaya

Hello great people. It’s Keema and I’m welcoming you to this beautiful space. 

I must confess that it was quite a task reviewing my headspace to put together this piece. My paranoia hit the roof and it’s been quite tasky for me to focus. However, here we are now, so yay.

Since it looks like we will be seeing quite more of each other this week, I will be reviewing some wardrobe staples and highlight how best to style them. Today we start with that Black Abaya in your wardrobe.

Black Abaya

This is a major wardrobe staple for any modest dresser. It just works all the time, however, there are a few things to note about rocking a Black Abaya be it the open or the closed Abaya.


Even subtle colours speak loud on Black. Virtually all colours do. Nude, Mustard, Ivory, Blush will always leave a memory when you pair with Black. If you want to raise the voice of your Black Abaya look, go with colours.


This is the use of All black, or a combination of Black and White colour to style your Abaya. It’s often a great choice, especially if you haven’t figured out your way around other colours. It’s also very ideal for a classy look and I recommend.

•Length matters

The wide belief is that an Abaya’s ideal length is floor. But trust me, every floor length Abaya will look a lot better if reduced by a few inches. This is to say the best length for your Abaya is just between your ankles and your heels. 

Try on your Abaya with your desired foot wear to choose the most appropriate length.


A bit of waist definition won’t hurt anyone, yo! Just do it.

• Accessorizing

Already, this works for majority of looks, however it plays a major role in the styling of your Black Abaya. A dropping neck piece and colourful bangles will definitely bang.


You can’t go wrong with a nice pair

You’d agree with me that jeans manages to crawl into several spaces and stay front row. Same is the case with abaya, especially the open Abaya or the calf length Abaya. For a nice finish, you should keep your pair of jeans crisp clean and perfect fit. A skinny or straight leg pair will do very well. 

Read about pinafores here

•The finer details

Avoid clogged up details thinking it’s Black anyways. The finer details is what makes it better. Be very selective about the design on your Abaya and when in doubt, remember less is more.

•The fit

The best fit of an Abaya is at least 2” free from your skin. If your Abaya is body hugging, you may want to put it in a box and send it to my house. Lol.

Skin tight Abaya is totally unflattering, to be honest, there needs to be room for flow. In the same vein, your Abaya doesn’t need to be baggy. Simply find a fit that works for your body.

•After dressing

My fav, Idayat doing her thing.

Open Abayas are mostly used as a look finisher. Either you need to make your regular look a modest one, or you just want a finisher, simply top it up with an Abaya.

On the bright side of social distancing or self isolation, this is a good time to review your wardrobe and reconsider that Black Abaya which you’ve ran out of styling ideas. If you still have a problem styling, you can reach me directly on here and we’d make magic together.

Plus, I decided to make use if my instagram and I’d be sharing my own styles on there so please do follow me on there

Please ensure to stay safe and practice handwashing and sanitizing. It is my fervent prayer that the pandemic blows over very quickly.

Kindly share, subscribe and drop a comment, let me know what style you’d be going for and why. In addition, I’d be at the comments to pick your suggestion on the next wardrobe staple you’d have me discuss. Thank youu❤️

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  1. lovely piece

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  2. I know Abayas are cool and all but I don’t even have one

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  3. Abayas are my fav 😍…
    Btw, Keema, you’re owing me an abaya. Remember we talked about it last year? When are we doing this? Kmon!

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  4. Nice write up

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  5. I have a black abaya I’ve not worn in years. This was the boost I needed.
    Good read.

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  7. Nice read. Would definitely try em tips out

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  8. Black is that cool uncle… nice write up

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  9. Hmmn..lovely. I ve got sm black abayas and would love to try a number of this tips. Well done

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