A must do: Wardrobe Decluttering.

A must do: Wardrobe Decluttering.

Hello guys, welcome to this space. How’s it been with you? We must have been getting tons of mails and messages telling us things to do to keep us occupied in this pandemic, especially due to the activity lockdown in many parts of the world. However, I’d like to share an important and ultimately a productive task to be done in this period. It is called Decluttering.

Or lurking around in your closet!

Closet decluttering is the removal of unused or redundant pieces of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories etc. from your space.

This is how to go about it

•Pick a category

Do this bits by bits, if your closet is organized into bits like T shirts, Jeans, dresses, party wears, scarves, underwear, etc., then it’s easy to start with a category. Then repeat the following steps for each category.

Label three bags saying 

   a. Charity/donation

   b. Fix or revamp

   c. Discard.

Charity/Donation:- You haven’t worn this outfit in a while (I use a 6 months to 1 year margin). It is in good wearing condition, but is either under or oversized, no longer your style, or simply not what you’d wear in another long time.

Fix/Revamp:- A decent piece which you do not want to give out. A few edits here and there and it’s perfect. Or a wrapper which will serve better being a hown.

Please discard pieces that are better off discarded. Let your conscience speak to you on behalf of your tailor 👀

Discard:- This piece is no longer in a good condition, you’ve fixed the broken zipper a couple of times and you often put on a large T shirt over it to conceal the huge tear on the bottom. Sis, I know it’s hard, but let that piece go 😂.

Sort each piece into respective bags

Replace the outfits that should stay.

Let the ones you’d like to keep remain in a pile, so you fold or hang them and replace to their original position. You could tweak the position for a new outlook.

Repeat these steps with other categories, then move to shoes, bags, accessories and other items. At your own pace, that’s the good part. Don’t rush 😉

In addition, try as much as you can not to guilt hoard (this dress is a gift from a friend, but I’ve only worn it once and tried to loosen it, but it’s still too tight)

Decluttering by category is a greater approach as opposed to bulk decluttering as it helps you focus on a set at a time, and gives room for breaks to rest or do other stuffs without having your whole space a mess.

Let it go

You could even space it out as in two categories per day, and still maintain a clean looking closet.

Pros of decluttering.

  1. Creates space.

Who doesn’t want more space in their closet. Let’s take a break from that stuffy look.


2. Helps you note what pieces you need

Having discarded majority of your jeans and nightwears as either ill fitting or worn out, it’s easy to jot down things you’d need to get and top the list with a few decent pairs.

3. Makes functional pieces more accessible.

It’s easier to reach the more functional pieces, not that they are no longer being obstructed.

4. Eases your dressing up.

Now you know where what is, makes it easier to reach that way isn’t it?

Decluttering is always fun for me, looking through my closet, each outfit tells a story or reminds me of an event, so going through them spikes emotions and I enjoy it. Try to immerse yourself into the act so you can enjoy the moment. However, attaching too much to a ratty piece won’t help in discarding it!

Now you have a clean and fresh closet. It is important to make immediate plans to contact the recipients of the pieces to be given out. Else, you “accidentally” force yourself into that under size blouse you were going to give out.

It’s also a good time to contact your tailor and make plans on the outfits you want to revamp. Pick styles and discuss how that will work.

Do not forget I’m a bespoke tailor for @keemakuts , so yeah you can chat with me directly on WhatsApp once you’ve sorted your wardrobe and decided on pieces to revamp. Style consultation is completely free and tailoring charge is affordable. 

Also, if you read the last post but couldn’t relate because you do not own any Abaya, I’m your go-to for one that fits. Send me as message asap and let me fix you up.

Thank you for reading. I hope you’re swinging to action asap or at least topping your to-do list with decluttering.Let me know in the comment section what you think, and how more I can be of help with your decluttering. 

Always remember to stay safe, keep a good hygeine, and stay indoor.



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